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FCRM Certification

Greetings FRMA Members,

We had a wonderful conference in Daytona Beach, and I look forward to seeing you in Sarasota.
I just wanted to give you an update about when you will receive your transcripts/certifications. Our UCF liaison, Michele Gardner, resigned her position so there will be a delay. The transcripts should be mailed out by the end of January. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
If you have questions, please email me at frmaeducation@gmail.com
Thanks for your patience.

Kimberly Ingram, CRM, FCRM, CPM, FRMA Director of Education

Education Information!
You may have received an email recently from the First Amendment Foundation and Poynter Institute regarding the Sunshine Certificate for Certified Records Managers.
This certification program will not satisfy any of the requirements of the FCRM certification offered by FRMA. It will not count toward initially getting the FCRM certification or for recertification.
Check below for Certification and Recertification Continuing Education requirements.

FRMA Criteria for Certification and Recertification for 2015-2017

FRMA Certification Program Policy and Curriculum.pdf
FRMA FCRM Extention -Recertification form.pdf
FRMA New Recertification Policy 2013.pdf
FCRM Education Scholarship Application

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